Why The Eurovision Song Contest Is Like Gay Christmas In My House

I get just as excited for the singing contest of Europe, as I do about Christmas. And I LOVE Christmas.

Image: EUROVISION • GETTY • Andres Putting

Medium is very much dominated by North America, so I am unsure how much those reading will know about the Eurovision song contest, but if you don’t know what it is — it is absolute GOLD.

Eurovision is a song contest between all countries in Europe, and some Eurasian countries. Each year, they all battle it out with a song of their choice, to get to the grand final — which is tonight!

*I say they all battle it out, but not the winner of the previous year, or the “Big Five”, which are the countries which put in the most money towards the European Broadcasting Union(UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).*

Now, why do we get so excited about it every year? Do we ever get close to winning, here in the UK? Well, no. But that’s okay! Our entries are never worthy of the crown, whether that be down to our complete lack of musical talent, or the major political voting in play.

We love it for the amazing performances — amazing in both the outstanding form, or the shocking form! You are guaranteed to feel happy, shocked, confused and incredibly entertained when watching this show!

Here is one of my personal favourites, followed by one of my partners favourites — enjoy!

These are the standard for Eurovision, cheesy pop and wacky tunes! What is not to love?! I suggest after reading my article, everyone heads over to YouTube and has a watch of some of the performers at Eurovision over the years, you will not be disappointed.

The important thing to remember when watching Eurovision, is to not take it too seriously… and expect the unexpected.

Now, about the voting. As I previously mentioned, it is very political. However, as gay women, it is also very gay. It is loved among the gay community across Europe, and while it is politcal in the voting (not outwardly, but it is obvious, countries vote for their neighbours, unless they hate their neighbours! They rarely give the UK a huge amount of points, particularly in the last couple of years.. *cough* Brexit *cough*,but that’s fine!), the politics never ventures into the homophobic.

If homophobia has any links to Eurovision, it is the stand against it. When a European country passes an anti-LGBT law in the previous 12 months running up to the competition, you know that country will be shunned, voted low and generally get met with a frosty reception. It won’t be the artists fault, but it is an act of solidarity.

I would feel safe going to the Eurovision song contest as a gay woman, and would be comfortable to be out and proud with my partner. This would even be the case if the contest was in a country known for not being very kind to the LGBT community, as behind the Eurovision doors, wherever on the continent, is nothing but love and acceptance and a lot of rainbow flags — hurrah!

All in all, it is just a very fun night with my partner and our friends. I love getting together, with my handmade score sheets, bunting, drinks and Eurovision cupcakes and taking it all far too seriously. So, off I go to prepare for the evening of festivities!

If anyone is going to be watching tonight, I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will.

p.s. Czech Republic to win tonight ;)

A part time writer, studying for my BA (Hons) Degree Creative Writing. My interests include mental health, politics, LGBT rights, fiction, poetry and many more!

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