What I Learnt From My 30 Day Writing Challenge

I was supposed to write and post on Medium once a day for 30 days… spoiler alert: I Failed.

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I set myself the challenge of writing and publishing on medium every day in May, my last post was May 27th, which not only means a failed that challenge - I’ve gone the longest without writing and publishing since joining Medium!!

I’ll be honest, while I missed a day or two the week before my final post in May, but May was my busiest month of 2019 so far. I had plans weeknights and every weekend, along side my full time job, commute and every day life… stuff. I’m not using this as an excuse, actually, the opposite. I’m proud of how much I managed to write and publish!

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But… why haven’t I published an article since the 27th of May? A combination of reasons really.

I’ve been busy, which I think is more of a common answer for writers on here, and although I wrote and published an article about how to find time to write amongst the business of life, I struggled to follow my own advice.

I’ll be honest, I barely opened my medium app in this time, and don’t think I’ve looked at my laptop once either! I am planning on this changing though, don’t worry!

I also think I burnt myself out creatively. I don’t write for a living, and have never written to this extent in my life — especially not the type of things I write about! My history with writing has been 99% fiction before I joined medium, I’ve pushed myself beyond that box but I feel I may have pushed myself a little too far. Trying to come up with ideas of things to write, as well as actually writing, editing and publish my work, every day, alongside everything else in my life got a little too much. This wasn’t a conscious thing, but looking back I feel this is what happened.

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However, as I said, I’m proud of what I did write and publish, and earned almost 7 times what I did in the previous month by doing this (which is always a bonus on top of my 9–5 income!). I will continue to be publishing on Medium, I love the creativity, the platform and the community — however I’m going to be a lot less strict with myself. I’m going to write when I want, when I feel inspired, about what I want and not worry so much about my output.

All in all, it was a great experience to push myself in this way. Sure, I burnt myself out creatively, but this may have also been caused by how busy my life was in May, a lot of social plans, a wedding, parties, visits to family… and I proposed to my partner!

I’ve learnt that I can push myself creatively, that I am capable of writing interesting articles that people actually seem to want to read and that what I have to say can make a difference. And for that I am greatful — to myself, to the Medium platform itself and to the amazingly supportive community on here.

Now — watch this space, I’ll be back with more soon (and hopefully not as long a break as last time!).

A part time writer, studying for my BA (Hons) Degree Creative Writing. My interests include mental health, politics, LGBT rights, fiction, poetry and many more!

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