The Stages Of Writing a Medium Article

I love being on Medium and sharing my writing, as do most other people on this site (and if you don’t love it, why are you even here?!). We love coming up with inspirational, creative and interesting articles, but what does it really take to get to the finished masterpiece piece?

Inspiration comes to you at the weirdest of times.

There you are, stuck in traffic / halfway through a gripping TV show / mid bite of your sandwich / sat on the toilet (etc etc…..), and BAM. Inspiration hits you.

You are certain have THE. BEST. IDEA. for your next post! It’s going to go viral!

Think of all the claps!

The curation!

You will finally receive “Top Writer” status!

This is your moment!

As quickly as is (safely) possible, you pull open your laptop / phone / tablet, log on to and click that “New Story” button. You are ready for this, pumped with adrenaline and inspiration running through your veins!

You know that the title of your new Medium post is probably one of the most important aspects of the whole thing, as if you get this wrong — your amazing, creative, inspiration and life changing article just won’t be read.

You need to craft a title that grabs your desired reader’s attention, informs but doesn’t give too much away.

You spend a loooong time re-writing your title, until you know you couldn’t possibly make it any more perfect.

Second most important thing about your new Medium post, an eye grabbing image.

You need something that jumps out to the readers eye on their homepage, forcing them to click the link to your amazing article!

You know it has to be free for anyone to use (unsplash is your new best friend), but also relevant to your post. You spend even more time scrolling through the hundreds images on until you decide on the perfect one, that just so happens to be the second image you saw.

Just when you found your most amazing idea yet, life gets in the way. You had it all planned out, ready to go… in your head.

Then, you had to work.

You had to feed yourself / your cat / your partner / your child.

You had to catch up on your favourite TV show / Youtuber / Blogger / Twitter-er.

You had to sleep / socialise / go to the toilet / make a cup of tea / procrastinate.

It always happens this way, your most amazing idea and then… poof. almost as quick as the inspiration arrived, it’s gone.

Sometimes it really is because life gets in the way, we all have busy schedules and it can be hard to find time to write… other times, you procrastinate. Ooops!

Ah! It hit you again! Right in the middle of life, you have inspiration!

But, alas, this isn’t the inspiration to continue to your already started post. However, this is better! An even more creative / inspiring / life changing idea!

Quick! Stop whatever unimportant thing you are doing when this inspiration strikes! Get back to it…. go and….

Here we are again! you can do it this time! You know you can! This idea really is the BEST ONE YOU HAVE EVER HAD!

This title was easier to write, you realise you are getting better at coming up with unmissable, creative and wonderful titles! Or, maybe it is because this idea is better than the last? So easier to title?

Who knows, whatever it is though, it is working! You’ve got this!

Back to you go, to find yet another fabulous image.

This one will be easier to find though, it is more specific. You also know that this is the one that no one can resist clicking on, you know what they will say when they see this image…

“with an image like that, this has to be the post powerful and inspiring and thought provoking thing on Medium ever!”

The previous stages will be repeated many times, as inspiration hits you again… and again… and again.

Every time you will start by thinking you can write that amazing article RIGHT NOW, but life always gets in the way and more, seemingly more interesting, ideas will come along.

Keep going though, you will get to the next stage (sometimes in hours, sometimes in days and sometimes in weeks… but you will get there).

Yes! That idea you had that you thought would change the world and your life? It’s back! More inspirational than ever! You have the time to write, the motivation to write and the means to write…..

You do it. You research, you make notes and you smash over a thousand perfectly crafted words out within the hour.

Your amazing, fantastic, life changing, inspirational and creative article is finally on the page!

You can celebrate! You only need to post it now! You are really excited to let the world read your work!

You know you need to re-read what you have written so you scan your post, “nope, nothing wrong here!” You think smugly to yourself.

It’s ready to go, you did it. Well done you!

You pick five seemingly relatable yet popular tags, and hit Publish.

Now to wait for the crowds to come, the claps to rake in and the viral life to take you by storm.

You are so proud of yourself, you should be. You got there eventually, like you knew you would!

Uh, oh. You re-read your amazing, creative and inspiring article now it is out in the big wide world.

And you realise you made a few typos.

You could have picked a better title.

Your image isn’t the most… exciting.

Ooh, another typo.

You rush to edit your post again, before it inevitably goes viral for the wrong reasons, then re-publish. Now with feelings of pride, but you also feel a tiny bit embarrassed that you let such basic mistakes slip through the net.

Here it comes, the wave of claps. Your phone vibrating none stop from notifications of all the claps, comments and highlights on your amazing new post!

Make sure to check your stats every hour, maybe more if you have the time. You know the adrenaline of seeing your view and fan count go up will make it all worth it!

Now to just do it all again!

17. Repeat

****Please see step 1****

A part time writer, studying for my BA (Hons) Degree Creative Writing. My interests include mental health, politics, LGBT rights, fiction, poetry and many more!

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