How To Find Time To Write When Life Gets Hectic

Finding time to put pen to paper is fundamental to improve your skills.

I am one of the unlucky ones, I don’t write for a living. I have a day job, working for an Adoption Agency. I also have almost an hour commute to and from the office, family near by who I want to support through things, a social life to keep up with, a partner I want to spend time with, a house to keep clean and tidy… and words I want to write.

How can we find the time to write meaningful and well written articles or work on our first novel with everything else we have going on in life?

Pretty easily, actually.

The vital thing is to make the most of the little moments of quiet. Oh, and download the medium app on your smart phone, because none of this is possible with out it (at least to me!).

Write on your lunch break

I can get a fair amount of my daily writing during my hour lunch break. Having my phone to hand makes this very easy, I can carry on with part way through stories with ease, knowing it will auto save if I get interrupted or side tracked.

Write while waiting for your food to cook

Those five minutes waiting for your soup to heat in the microwave? That 15 minutes waiting for your oven baked pizza? The ten minutes waiting for your pasta to cook through?

All of these are perfects moments to pick up your phone and add to your word count! It passes the time very quickly too!

Write while the kettle boils

They say a watched kettle never boils, and this is partly true — or at least it can feel like it when you are desperate for that cup of coffee! Three minutes for a kettle to boil may not seem like long, but it’s plenty enough time to get a quick first draft of your next paragraph down!

Write while on the toilet

If anyone asked me point blank if I did this, I’d probably deny it. But honestly, those few minutes of quiet time, several times a day can really add up! Particularly if I know I have a busier day than usual, it’s perfect and I find it quite therapeutic, in a weird sort of way!

Write in bed

Obviously there are other uses for your bed, without naming the obvious. However, taking some time before bed to get some quality words down is ideal! Some of us do our best work in the evening, and if you are anything like me, you may struggle to sleep without a billion thoughts racing through your mind. This can fix that problem, by getting g the thoughts down on (metaphorical) paper, and can ease tomorrow’s word count if you have a busy day ahead!

For example, I’m writing in bed right now. I’ve been at a wedding all day today, and tomorrow I have a 5+ hour drive home, as well as packing and unpacking, and preparing for my week ahead. Plus, I want to post first thing Sunday morning, so finishing this article off before I but the hay, means I have a head start on my day tomorrow.

Write during the adverts

I’m a big TV fan, and adverts are a pretty common occurrence when I find myself binge watching a new series, or catching up on the weeks soaps.

Some people hate adverts or trailers, however, instead of fast forwarding through them, I find them to offer the perfect excuse to get some writing done!

As I previously said, three minutes here and five minutes there may not seem like much at all, and can come across as not worthy of using those precious minutes to get some writing done — but short bursts, several times a day, can really build a strong word count. I’m not saying you need to post everything straight away, after five minutes of writing. By all means, wait until you have more substantial periods of time to edit and post (or use more short windows of time later in the day!), either way, seeing your thoughts and ideas down on the page at the end of the day is awesome.

A part time writer, studying for my BA (Hons) Degree Creative Writing. My interests include mental health, politics, LGBT rights, fiction, poetry and many more!

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