They say to love thy neighbour

But instead they attack with sabre

Why leave the European union

To cause this epic disunion

Their reasons they say are many

We will truly save a penny

More money for health care

We don’t have enough to share

We need to stop invasion of the immigrant

Their takeover is imminent

So we must leave the EU

The people listened and the vote got through.

But how much of this is right

Was it really worth the fight

The cash they promised?

Well that was truly dishonest.

The fear of the different cultures

It makes them act like vultures

But the ones they hate are Asian

Not the ones who look Caucasian

What they really fear is the terrorist

But there is more chance of climbing Everest

Than stopping any attack

By giving the EU the sack

But now the decision is made

But people will wish we stayed

One day soon it will be done

Those who lied, will have won

Those who said we must leave

Will watch the paupers as they grieve

Future generations will question why

The public listened to the lie

Why did they believe the words of Boris

Why did they listen to the racist chorus

Why did they not stand and shout

To stop the country from getting out

The answer will be easy

The government felt queasy

They have to listen to democracy

Despite the air of hypocrisy

A part time writer, studying for my BA (Hons) Degree Creative Writing. My interests include mental health, politics, LGBT rights, fiction, poetry and many more!

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