Am I Boring For Going To The Same Concerts... A Lot?

I go to concerts of the same artists, a lot. It doesn’t make me boring, it makes me a super fan.

My partner regularly jokes that I only listen to / go to watch “the same three artists”… I suppose this is partly true, but they are my favourite!

I don’t think this makes me a bore though, it makes me a determined fan, and I am not alone.

Let me break it down for you .

All artists start somewhere… small

No artist goes from a nobody to selling out stadiums in a day, although it might seem that way at times. Bands and singers start small, all of them. Even the likes of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles and Beyonce will have started playing to rooms containing no more than 2 strangers. But those 2 strangers matter, an audience is an audience.

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Seeing that audience grow over time is a massive deal for artists, going from those 2 strangers in a tiny bar, to a venue that holds 2000? I can’t speak from personal experience, but I am sure there is no better feeling. And being of those people in the tiny audience, and again in the larger venues, means a lot to the fans.

They feel a personal connection to the artist, they feel proud with them, as they watch them grow. The artists tend to notice the regulars at their concerts, they feel grateful for those hard-core super fans, and they make it known.

If the hard-core super fans didn’t go to the concerts, a lot, and shout about it from the rooftops, where would the hype be?

Honestly, artists generally make it big with help from the fans. Sure, some make it lucky and get plucked off the street and thrust into the limelight. But for most, it takes a lot of work and the fans are a big part of that.

If they didn’t go to every concert, rave about their favourite artists on social media, share pictures from the concerts and generally make a big old scene — would anyone notice these artists? I’m talking about the big artists too. If the fans at the beginning hadn’t of told their friends / family / colleagues / anyone who would listen how much they love this new artists, word would not have spread, and the albums and tickets would not sell. Period.

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Authors Own Picture - Lucy Spraggan; Manchester 2018

Turning into a 15 year old fan-girl makes me happy, even if I am 10 months away from the big 3–0.

As I mentioned, I do go to see the same artists… a lot. But every single concert I go to, whether it is the first or 10th, I am as excited as I could ever be. I fan-girl, hard. There is a band who I fell in love with at the age of 12, now, almost 18 years later, they are out there touring and releasing new music — and I live for it. I go to every tour, sometimes twice. I venture across the country for the privilege, and if us fans who where there the first time around — in 2002 — didn’t go out and support them like we did when we were teens, I know for a fact their audience would be a lot smaller. I will fan-girl for those boys until they stop for good, and even then I will still be singing along in my car to their absolute bangers.

Take tonight for example, I am going to see one of my absolute favourite artists — I have seen her five times now, and met her once (although I am 99% sure I will get to meet her again today… *Squeal*). And I know I will continue to go to her tour, as long as she tours. Seeing her grow from smaller venues, to larger, hearing her being played on the radio and her new album ranking in the charts — I feel a big part of it. I feel proud watching her growth, and I know that she appreciates each and every fan like me, who has been there along the way (and trust me, there are way more hard-core super fans out there than me!).

So, if me supporting my favourite artists, from the bottom to the top, tour after tour and album after album, makes you think I am boring, I’m not. I’m just super supportive and enjoy the adrenaline I get every single time I see these artists.

Keep getting out there, support the smaller artists and the world-wide known superstars. Keep dancing and singing and shouting about your favourite artists — they need it and appreciate it, trust me.

A part time writer, studying for my BA (Hons) Degree Creative Writing. My interests include mental health, politics, LGBT rights, fiction, poetry and many more!

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